About Emily

Emily used to lay awake at night dreaming of playing her pink Stratocaster to sold-out stadiums. She learned Nirvana and Oasis songs as a child. Aged 12, she fell in love with jazz and traded her Strat for an archtop. Through her love of jazz, she realized music was a place to trade ideas, explore themes, and create identities. When she heard Paul Simon, she realized the power of lyrics. 

Since then, she’s devoured musical influences, from classical to jazz to Eastern and she developed her unique ‘indie chamber music’ sound along the way. She’s played in tavernas, on rooftops, in theatres and olive groves. A highlight of her musical career was sharing the stage with popular jazz superstar, Jamie Cullum. Other highlights include her multiple sets at Kuiperfest – the secretive but legendary acoustic festival based in Spain. Now, her dream is to share her sound and ideas with intimate audiences of 30 people, with whom she can continue the conversation. 


Emily is and always will be drawn to creativity. These days, when she’s not creating messes with her young daughter and husband in Denver, you’ll find her in her basement working on new tunes and lyrics – and playing shows to groups of 30, living the dream.

Her first EP "Live Forever" is set to be released in March 2023, with the title single coming out on Feb 3 2023.