When this is over - Emily Manuel and April Yee 

When this is over 
I will spread out wings wide as an Andean bird 
Shape my limbs into poses never seen before 
After the storm 
We will see the underside washed up on the shore 
And I will grow like a river rose 

When this is over I will speak in tones the world has always heard 
Churn out songs to make buried ears burn 
And my sighs will soar high when we all return 

When this is over grain will grow from my balcony in honeycombs 
Bees will rave about the river rose perfume 
I will be home 
When this is over

Some of the artists I've been listening to while making "When this is Over":

Brandi Carlile

Rosanne Cash

Donovan Woods

Tori Amos

Sarah Bareilles

Joni Mitchell

Tracy Chapman

GoGo Penguin

Stevie Nicks

Paul Simon

Gregory Alan Isakov

John Mayer

Heather Woods Broderick

Kandace Springs

Lianne La Havas

Woo Park

Ben Balmer


Phoebe Bridgers