Emily Manuel

Timeless, odd, and melancholic

Emily Manuel is a classically trained songwriter with an indie heart. 

Seeing her play is like landing an exclusive. She's played rooftops, tavernas, olive groves, music festivals, and theatres, and prefers intimate settings where she and her haunting music can leave an impression directly on your soul.

She doesn't have it all figured out, and she is suspicious of people who seem to. She believes that there is no formula for beauty, only ways to invite more of it. She hopes her music will help you widen the door.

Her first EP "Live Forever" was released in March 2023, with praise from clout magazine, lost in the manor, queen city sounds and art, the edgar allen poets, plastic magazine, and others.

Project details

Live Forever has been described as a stunning collection of odd and alluring, melancholic folk tracks. 

Years in the making, with minute attention to detail, the work speaks to Emily's need to express her internal landscapes. The result is a collection of pieces that “sparkle and come to life, packed full of quirks and fun little moments that you’d have to go back and listen to multiple times to catch every minute detail” - Clout

"With its timeless sound, rich instrumentation and haunting beauty, we think “Live Forever” will stand the test of time" - Necessary Outlet

Press / Reviews

A modern art folk song but one with shades of early Tori Amos and late 80s Kate Bush with an undeniable sense of mystery that lends it a compelling allure from beginning to end.” - Simian Thinker

Queen City Art and Sounds

With each track, it becomes evident that we are in the presence of a truly talented artist.”

Edgar Allen Poets

“A stunning collection of tracks that stick to you and almost feel like living, breathing things” 
- Clout


Live Forever

Emily Manuel

Lush, odd, cinematic and organic. This EP invites you to Live Forever with Emily Manuel.

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