Live Forever - EP release

Excited to announce that my EP “Live Forever” is released! It’s been several years in the making and so much detail and effort and time and emotion went into this that I almost don’t know what to say about it. A few thoughts:

These aren’t really “songs” in the traditional sense - the song structures and the lyrics don’t really do what they’re supposed to. I absolutely focused on the lyricism as much as the music - and the lyrics do play a critical part - but rather than tell stories, many of these songs focus on fragments of emotion and my real aim was to set them within their proper musical landscapes.

“Scrawl” for example, is set in an ancient and icy forest, where a woman walks at night to find strength. Nothing really happens, but I think her resolve feels markedly stronger by the end of the piece, having passed through 4 contrasting sections of music. Writing the 4 part brass section was a real highlight, seeing it come to life with Christine Palmer playing all the parts was a treat, not to mention the 8 cello arrangement by Russick Smith and the epic 3rd section made much larger with the help of Adriana Perez on percussion.

“So long” was written in memory of my friend. The musical setting should be self explanatory, but he was one of those people who I found so perfect that I let the friendship fade, believing he was far off doing much more rewarding things with people more perfect than me. That was a mistake. I hope he would appreciate the movement in this piece and the little nod to Debussy at the end - an echo of a conversation we once had in Paris.

“Arms of Mine” - this is the one song that does feel like a song. After the twists and turns of the other 4 tracks, I felt like ending with some clarity and simplicity and love.

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